Mutanjan Zarda

Mutanjan Zarda:


• Basmati or pulao Rice: 2cup
• Sugar: 2cup
• Ghee: 1/2cup
• Green Cardamom powder: 1/2tsp
• Coconut Slices: 1/4Cup
• Mawa: 1/4cup(optional)
• Dry fruits: 1/4cup
• Raisins : 1/4cup
• Chopped date: 6pieces
• Baby gulab jam: 10 pieces
• Almonds Sliced: 2 tbsp
• Pistachio Sliced: 2 tbsp
• Cashew sliced: 2 tbsp
• Fresh Orange juice:1/2 cup
• Red food color: 1/4tsp
• Green food color: 1/4tsp
• Orange (zarda’s color) food color: 1/4tsp
• kewra water: 1tsp
• water as needed




Wash and Soak rice in water for half an hour.


Bring water to boil in a large pan, add drained rice, 2 cloves and 3 cardamoms. Cook rice for exactly 8minitues or till 80% done on high flame. Drain with cold water and keep aside.
In a pan heat ghee put cardamom powder, chopped nuts, raisins and fry for 1minute.
Then add sugar and 1/4cup water and let it boil.
Then add boiled rice in sugar syrup and mix well.
Then add mawa, Gulabjam, dry fruits, dates, coconut and sprinkle orange juice with kewra water.


Now on top add food colors on different parts.


Then cover and put on dum for 30 minutes.
When it’s done, mix all the ingredients and serve.


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