Watermelon ice cream cake



For ice cream base (or you can use 1 and 1/2litre vanilla ice cream box but I used my homemade ice cream recipe):

• Milk: 1cup
• Condensed milk: 1cup
• Whipped cream or heavy cream: 4cup
• Vanilla essence: 1tsp


• One medium sized bowl that holds ice cream
• Green food color:1/2tsp
• Red food color: 1tsp
• Chocolate chips: 3tbsp


Tips: if you use store brought vanilla ice cream then just ignore this [*] process.

*[Preparing ice cream base:
Whipped cream:
Beat cold heavy cream and 1/2cup sugar on high speed until stiff peak occurs.
If you use whipped cream powder then beat 1and 1/2cup cold milk with 3 pkt powders for 5min.
Add this whipped cream with milk, condensed milk and essence and mix it well using a rubber spatula.
Place it on freezer for 1 hour.
After 1 hour, take out the ice cream from freezer and just mix it using a spoon.
Again put it into the freezer and freeze for at least 6-8 hours or overnight.]

Preparing watermelon ice cream cake:

Take one cup ice cream and mix it with 1/2tsp green food color. Place into freezer for at least 1/2hour.
Line one bowl with plastic wrap and keep hanging the edges. [Picture 1]


Take the green ice cream and spread it all over inside the bowl. Place it into freezer for 1 hour.[picture2]


After 1 hour take the white vanilla ice cream and spread it over the green ice cream. Place it into freezer for 1 hour.[picture 3]


Now take the remaining ice cream and add red food color with it. Add some chocolate chips with the mixture.
Place the mixture into the bowl over the vanilla ice cream mixture. And Place it into freezer for 4 hours.[picture 4]


Place a serving plate and invert the ice cream. Remove the plastic wrap gently and serve immediately.

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