mango yogurt (aam doi)


mango yogurt (aam doi)


  • Milk: 1litre
  • Sugar: 1/2cup
  • Plain Yogurt: 1cup
  • Mango pulp: 1cup (made from 2 mangoes)


Heat the milk and sugar in a heavy bottom pan and reduce it to half of its original quantity.
Reduce the temperature of the milk before you add the yogurt to it. It should be lukewarm. Now mix the mango pulp and yogurt with the lukewarm milk and whisk thoroughly.
Now take a strainer and strain this mixture into a large bowl. (This will remove lumps that may have formed.)
preheat your oven at 150-degree C and bake this for 60 minutes. After baking let it cool completely then refrigerate it.
Serve chilled.

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