• Whole milk: 2litre
  • Sugar: 2cup
  • Water: 5cup
  • lemon juice: 2tbsp
  • fresh orange juice: 1/2cup
  • Semolina: 1tbsp
  • Powder sugar: 2tsp
  • Orange essence: 1tsp


Heat the milk into a heavy pan. Stir occasionally until it starts to boil.
When it starts to boil, immediately turn off the heat.
Now slowly add lemon juice and orange juice mixture and stir slowly for 2 min (don’t move the pan from the stove).
After 2 min, when the milk curdles (channa), strain the channa into a muslin or cheese cloth. Let it cool completely.
hang the cheese cloth on the tap for approx 1 hour to remove all of the liquid.
[*There should not be excess water or moisture in the channa as then the  komolavog will break when cooking]
Place the channa into a food processor or you can knead it using your hand. You can knead the channa with your palm for 10 minutes, without stopping. This is the important part for making soft rasogolla.
Add semolina and sugar and knead it again for 5 minutes.
Divide the chenna into 12 equal portions and gently shape each portion. Take care to see that there are no cracks on the surface.
In a large pan add 5 cup water with 2cup sugar. Heat the thin sugar syrup until boil.
Add all balls into the syrup and close the lid tightly. Cook for 10 min in boiling syrup on high heat.
Transfer the komolavogs to a bowl along with some sugar syrup. Add orange essence and let it cool.
Serve after 5-6 hours.



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