Orange chocolate chips ice cream


Orange chocolate chips ice cream:


• Orange segment from one orange(orange zest)
• Orange juice: 1 cup
• Orange essence: 1 tsp
• Coffee mate: 1tbsp
• Condensed milk: 1cup
• Whipped cream or heavy cream: 2cup
• Chocolate chips : 2tbsp


Preparing whipped cream:
Whisk heavy topping cream to stiff peak.
Preparing ice cream:
Combine orange essence, orange juice, coffee mate and condensed milk together in a bowl.
Peel and segment oranges with a sharp knife and cut into smaller pieces and add into the orange juice mixture, stir well.
Fold whipped cream to orange juice mixture and mix well with a hand whisk. Lastly add in the chocolate chips and fold well with a rubber spatula.
Place it on freezer for 1 hour.
After 1 hour, take out the ice cream from freezer and just mix it using a spoon.
Pour again into container and freeze overnight until its firm.

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