For chana:

• Full fat milk:1 litre
• Lemon juice or vinegar: 2tbsp
• Water: 1tbsp

For syrup:

• Water: 3cup
• Sugar: 2cup
• Green cardamom: 4 pieces

For chomchom:

• Chana: ½ cup
• Icing sugar: 1tsp
• Corn flour: 1 tsp
• Semolina: 1tsp
• Mawa and nuts for garnishing


Preparing chana:

Mix water and vinegar and set aside.
Heat milk in a heavy bottom sauce pan and bring it to boil. When the milk will start boiling, add the vinegar mixer little by little. Immediately turn off the heat.
Wait for 2 minutes and stir softly. As milk starts to cuddle and gets separated from the whey (greenish transparent water) remove the vessel and pour it in a cheese cloth spread over a strainer.
Immediately wash the strained chana once in running cold water (this is must to remove the vinegar flavor) and squeeze the excess water completely.
Let it hang for 20-30 minutes.

Preparing chomchom:

In a food processor, add chana, corn flour, icing sugar and semolina. Blend until smooth (2min). Or ( you can knead the chana with your palm for 15 minutes, without stopping).this is the main part for making soft chomchom.
Divide the dough into 8 equal parts.
Take each part and roll it with both palms gently to make a smooth ball and then give it in an oval shape (other shapes also can be made). Likewise do all the chomchoms.

Preparing syrup:

Heat water in a large bowl and add sugar and cardamom. When the syrup will start boiling on medium flame, add the chomchoms into the boiling syrup and close the pot with an airtight lid. It takes 2-3 hours. Check chomchom occasionally, if syrup dried up add hot water. Cook chomchom until you get your desire color.
Garnish with mawa and nuts…

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