Fish cutlet(macher kabab)


Fish cutlet:


• Rohu or salmon or tuna or any big fish pieces: 1kg
• Mashed potato:1cup
• Lemon juice: 1tbsp
• Lemon zest: 2tsp
• Fried Onions: 1/2cup
• Ginger paste:1tsp
• Garlic paste: 2tsp
• Chopped Green chilies:2tbsp
• Red chili powder: 1tsp
• Black pepper powder: 1tsp
• Salt to taste
• Tomato sauce: 1tbsp
• Fish sauce: 1tsp
• Maggi shad a magic: 1 pkt
• Coriander leaves: 1/4cup

For coating:

• Egg:1(beaten)
• Roughly Ground vermicelli or shemai: 1 cup
• Oil for frying


Wash the fish properly.
Add 1tsp turmeric powder and 1tsp salt with fish and mix well.
Heat 1tbsp oil in a frying pan on high flame and add fish pieces and fry both side until little bit golden.
Remove the bone from each fish pieces and get the fish keema.


Heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in a large frying pan. When hot, add ginger garlic paste, tomato sauce, fish sauce, chili powder, black pepper powder, salt, boiled potato and mix it well.
Add fish keema and Mix everything well and give it a taste. Adjust salt if needed. Add Coriander leaves, chopped green chilies, lemon juice, fried onions and Maggi shad a magic into the mixture and fry for 1min.
Turn off the heat.
Shape the cutlets as u wishes.


Dip each one in some beaten egg then in ground vermicelli or shemai.


Shallow fry the cutlets on both sides until golden and crispy.

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