Pasta in white sauce

Pasta in white sauce Ingredients: For white sauce: Butter: 2tbsp Flour: 2tbsp Milk: 2cup (boiled and cooled) For pasta: Shell/penne pasta or macaroni: 2cup Chopped Carrot and Capsicum red and green: ¼ cup each Chopped mushrooms: 1/4cup Sweet corns: 1/4cup Butter: 1tbsp Black pepper powder: 1tsp Chili flacks: 1tsp Oregano: 1tsp Salt or MSG as … Read more

prawn spaghetti with tomato

prawn spaghetti with tomato Ingredients: Spaghetti or egg noodles : 2 cup(boiled) Butter or ghee : 2tbsp Chopped tomatoes: 3 Chopped onions: 2tbsp Chopped Garlic :1tbsp tomato sauce :2 tbsp green chilies :2 medium sized prawns : 1/2 cup freshly ground black pepper : 1/2 tsp(finely ground) chilli flakes: 1tsp oregano or Italian seasoning: 1 … Read more

Meatball spaghetti

Meatball spaghetti: Preparing meatballs: Ingredients: Beef keema : 2 cup bread: 2 pieces Ginger paste:  1tsp Garlic paste: 1tsp parmesan cheese: 1/2 cup(chopped) Parsley:1 tsp Oregano: 1 tsp heaped lemon zest grated: 1 tsp Black pepper crushed: 1tsp salt: 1 tsp milk: 1/4cup Fried Onion (Beresta): 1/2 Cup Egg : 1 Tomato sauce: 2tbsp Bread … Read more