chicken mandi


Chicken mandi

Mandi spices:

****Mix all the spices (Cardamom powder, Clove powder, black pepper powder, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, cumin powder, nutmeg powder, coriander powder, ginger powder, paprika powder: 1tsp each) and 1tsp sumac powder (it’s optional)

Preparing chicken:


  • Chicken: one large (cut into half or quarter pieces)
  • Lemon juice: 2tbsp
  • Paprika or chili powder: 1tbsp
  • Soft butter or mustard oil: 2tbsp
  • Salt: 1tsp
  • Pinch of Saffron color
  • half mandi spices mix
in a large bowl, mix all the spices. rub all the spices evenly onto the chicken pieces. let it rests for 2 hours.
Heat 2tbsp oil or butter in a frying pan, cook chicken pieces until tender and golden brown in color.

Preparing rice:


  • Bashmati rice: 3cups(wash and drained)
  • Chopped onions: 1cup
  • Chopped tomato: 1cup
  • Ginger garlic paste: 1tsp each
  • Whole garam masala(2 cinnamon stick, 4 cardamom pods, 1bay leaves)
  • Half mandi spices mix
  • chicken cubes or stocks: 2 pieces
  • Ghee or butter: 1/4cup
  • Pinch of saffron soaked in 1tbsp milk
  • Coal, foil paper and 1tsp ghee for smoke
Heat butter in a bowl, add onion and cook until golden. Now add whole garam masala and chopped tomatoes. Cover and cook until tomatoes soft.
Now add salt, ginger garlic paste, chicken cubes,  mandi spieces and mix well. add 5cup water and let it boil completely.
Now pour rice and saffron into boiling water and mix well. When the water is absorbed and rice is completely visible, turn the heat down to very low, cover and let it cook for 20 minutes.
Turn of the heat. place chicken pieces on top of the rice.




Now take a piece of burning coal and place it on a small steel bowl or foil paper. then place the bowl in the center of the pan, then add a few drops of ghee/ clarified butter to the coal and cover the pan so that the smoke is retained inside and gets absorbed by the chicken and rice. Open the dish in 5 minutes and discard the coal.


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