kashmiri mango pickle(kashmiri amer achar)


kashmiri mango pickle(kashmiri amer achar):


• Raw mango: 1 kg (8 pieces)
• Sugar: 1 kg
• Dry red chilli: 2(using a knife cut into small pieces)
• Ginger (slices): 1tbsp
• White vinegar: 2tbsp
• Salt: 2tbsp


Wash the mango and remove the skin and seed. Then cut the mango into long strips.
Take 2 tbsp salt and mix with the mango pieces. Set aside for 4 hours and mix occasionally using a wooden spoon. Mix and by this time there will be some salty water.
Drain the water and wash it 3 times. Drain the water using a strainer.
In a heavy pan add mango, sugar and ginger slices. Let it cook for 15 minute on medium heat. Stir occasionally.
Now add vinegar and red chilli slices into the mango mixer and cook on low heat for another 30 min or until the syrup is thick enough.
Turn off the heat and pour the pickle into a jar.

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