mango murabba

Mango murabba:


• Raw mangoes : 1 kg
• Sugar:1 kg
• Lime water(chuna pani): 1tsp
• Green cardamom seeds : 5

• kewra water : 1tsp(optional)


Peel off, wash and clean raw mangoes.
Halve the mangoes, remove seeds and wash it 2 times.
In a bowl, add 2cup water with lime juice and mix well. Now add mangoes and set aside for 5 hours.
Heat 2 cup water in a bowl and when it starts boiling, add mango pieces into the water. Cook for 5 min on high heat or until the mango pieces are soft.
Drain well and keep aside the mango pieces and the mango stock separately.
Heat sugar with 1/2cups of water and the mango stock in a thick-bottomed pan and prepare sugar syrup.
Now add the mango pieces and cardamom into the sugar syrup and cook for 1 hour on low flame. The syrup should be of two- string consistency.
Add kewra water and turn off the heat.
Cool and store in airtight jars.

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