Shahi tukra


Shahi tukra


  • Bread: 5 piece
  • Whole milk:1 litre
  • sugar: 3/4cup or as u needed
  • Powder milk:1/4 cup
  • Corn flour: 1tsp
  • Raisins: 10(chopped)
  • Almond or pistachio: 1/2cup (chopped)
  • Green cardamom powder: 1tsp
  • Oil or ghee for frying


Heat milk in a heavy pan and stir occasionally until it starts to boil. Simmer the flame and reduce to 1/2 litre, stirring constantly.
Add corn flour and 1/2cup cold milk and mix it well. Now add this mixer into the thicken milk. Stir well on low flame. Now add cardamom powder and powder milk. Stir constantly.
Add chopped raisins, almonds and Cook for 2 min or until it start to boil.Turn off the heat and let it rest.
Cut the brown sides of the bread and cut one-piece bread into four (total 20 pieces).


Heat 1/4cup oil or ghee in a pan and let it hot. shallow fry the bread pieces in low flame until not cooked at high flame. The bread pieces should be light brown.


Place the fried bread pieces in a plate and pour milk mixture over the bread pieces.
Sprinkle raisins and nuts. serve after 5 minutes.

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