Chopped mango pickle (Aamer jhuri achar)


Chopped mango pickle (Aamer jhuri achar):


  1. Raw mango: 1 kg (remove the shells and seeds,grate it)
    Sugar: 2tbsp (you can increase the quantity)
    3. Vinegar: 1/4cup
    4. Mustard Oil: 1 cup
    5. Chopped Ginger: 1 tbsp
    6. Chopped Garlic: 2tbsp
    7. Dry Red chilli powder: 4 piece
    8. Panch phoron powder: 1tbsp
    9. Mustard paste: 1tbsp
    10. Salt as needed


Mix 1tsp turmeric powder and salt with chopped mangoes. Set the chopped mangoes for sun drying for 1 day (or until all water dries up).
Heat oil in a heavy pan, add sugar, mustard paste, vinegar and all powder ingredients. Stir well and cook for 2 min or until water dries up. Turn off the heat.


Now mix chopped mangoes and cooked masala very well. Pour this mixture in a jar.
Set the pickle for sun drying for 1 week. Add more oil and sugar if needed.
Best flavor and tenderness in the pickle comes after couple of days.
This pickle can be stored around a year.

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