Kunafa :


1. Laccha shemai: 500gm
2. Condensed milk : 1 cup
3. Cashew nuts: ½ cup chopped
4. Peanuts: ½ cup chopped
5. Raisins: ½ cup chopped
6. Ghee: 4tbsp
7. Rose water:1tsp


Heat butter or ghee in a large saucepan, add laccha shemai and stir constantly, until they are golden.
In a bowl, add rose water with condensed milk. Transfer the condensed milk into the shemai. stir constantly. After 2 min, add chopped nuts, raisins and keep stirring. Cook for 2 min. turn off the heat.
Transfer kunafa in a large plate. Give them shape like barfi or as you wish before they cool down.

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