Triangle shahi paratha

Triangle shahi paratha:


  • All purpose flour: 2cup
  • Salt: 2tsp
  • Oil: 4tbsp
  • Ghee: 3tbsp
  • Egg: 1/2
  • Lukewarm Water as needed to make a dough


Mix flour, salt and Rub the flour with 2 tbsp of oil.
Add egg and water and make a soft dough .Let this rest for 20 min.
 Divide the dough into 6 equal portions. Keep aside.
 Roll out one portion of the dough into a circle using flour for rolling.


 Apply 1/2tbsp ghee all over and sprinkle some flour. (See picture)
 Fold from both opposite sides, they will overlap a little. (See picture)


 Again fold from the two ends, layering the folds on top of each other. Like how you would fold an envelope. (See picture)


 Now press the dough and roll it like a square paratha. Then Cut into triangles. (See picture)
 Heat 1.5 cup oil to a karahi and deep fry each paratha until both sides are golden brown.
 Drain the excess oil and serve hot.


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