Mughlai paratha/egg paratha


Mughlai paratha/egg paratha:


For paratha:

All pupose flour: 1cup
Salt: 1tsp
Oil: 2tbsp
Water as needed

For stuffing:

Egg: 1(beaten)
Chopped Green chillies: 2
Coriander leaves: 2tbsp
Chopped onion: 2tbsp
Salt as needed
you can use meat or chicken keema for stuffing



• Mix flour, salt and Rub the flour with 2 tbsp of oil.
• Add water and make a soft dough .Let this rest for 20 min.
• Mix all the ingredients given in the stuffing together.
• Flour your rolling pin and roll the ball out into a circle like ruti.
• Try to make the ruti as thin as possible.
• Place the egg mixture in the center of the ruti and spread it carefully.
• Fold 2 sides and sprinkle some egg mixture over the folding sides.


• Fold another 2 ends of the ruti and close it.


• Carefully take this and put it on hot oil and cook on low flame on both sides till golden and the egg is cooked.
• Cut into pieces and serve hot.

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